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Re: Collaboration from ubuntuBSD project

Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> The other part of the problem is that Debian/KfreeBSD is no longer an
> officially supported version of Debian; unofficially it has support, but
> not officially.

Debian's release team isn't responsible for jessie-kfreebsd, but we seem
to have all the other support we need:  DSA looks after our buildds.
The FTP masters continue to host us on the Debian mirrors network.  The
security team hosts a jessie-kfreebsd suite, which imports patches from
official jessie.  Patches for kernel bugs continue to come from upstream.

> That is, there is no current "stable" release of Debian/KfreeBSD...., it
> is not a production release.

Support for wheezy (oldstable) doesn't end until late next month.  And
before then, I hope there'll be an announcement about jessie-kfreebsd,
which will be the stable-kfreebsd release:

Steven Chamberlain

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