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Re: Collaboration from ubuntuBSD project

On Sat, 19 Mar 2016 14:16:35 +0100
Jon Boden <jon@ubuntubsd.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> ubuntuBSD just went live today with its first release, v15.04 BETA1
> (codenamed "Escape from SystemD").

I'm curious as to why you decided to develop an Ubuntu fork of Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD. Was it for the Ubuntu brand name? Ubuntu's packaging
universe? Just because Ubuntu?

Since GNU/kBSD distributions aren't exactly targeted at beginners but
rather people who explicitly want to a) have the benefit of a GNU
userland and BSD kernel or b) use a BSD kernel in freedom, why put such
a specialised use-case distribution under the umbrella of Ubuntu?

Wouldn't it have better to focus on developing Debian GNU/kFreeBSD,
which could do with the extra attention/work?

Just curious. What was the rationale?

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