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Re: Collaboration from ubuntuBSD project


On 20/03/2016 7:35 PM, Adam Wilson wrote:
> Wouldn't it have better to focus on developing Debian GNU/kFreeBSD,
> which could do with the extra attention/work?
> Just curious. What was the rationale?

The other part of the problem is that Debian/KfreeBSD is no longer an
officially supported version of Debian; unofficially it has support, but
not officially.

That is, there is no current "stable" release of Debian/KfreeBSD...., it
is not a production release.

I wish that KfreeBSD had more love and was a fully supported version of
Debian, but unfortunately it is not.

It /may/ be better to go straight to FreeBSD direct instead because of
this.  Which means escaping the horror of systemd as well as not having
the same "Debian" way of configuration setup.


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