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hal: almost ready (was: Plans for libvolume-id?)

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (01/07/2009):
> As agreed during a quick conversation on IRC (also with the
> maintainer), I'm going to work on getting that library in a reasonable
> shape, so that we are ready when 0.5.12 gets uploaded (which is
> blocked by util-linux, e2fsprogs, udev, etc. see #528830). Which means
> I'm cheating with the locally-hacked libvolume-id library for now, and
> that we'll only have to do some bits of porting for libblkid by then.

“almost” for the above-mentioned reason.

Just posted an updated patch against the sid version, which makes it
buildable if one has the locally-hacked libvolume-id library, in a way
that should be suitable for the maintainer.

If anyone's interested in getting the patch:


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