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Re: Plans for libvolume-id?

short story:
- udev produces libvolume-id-dev and its library;
- the libvolume-id source package was introduced to provide that
  library without udev for GNU/kFreeBSD (and eventually hurd? Didn't

From #437162 (udev package):

PS> IMHO, there are effectively only two options

PS> - build libvolume-id from udev source package on non-linux PS> architectures PS> - separate libvolume-id into libvolume-id source package on linux PS> architectures

PS> Which one do you prefer ?

MD> I still do not care enough.
MD> Anyway, libvolume-id will disappear in a few weeks so there is no MD> reason to even discuss this.

Since the latter isn't available within Debian yet (but only in
unreleased), one can't even try to play with hal within sid (and trying
to get rid of the need for libvolume-is sounds like a PITA). I guess I'm
gonna install libvolume-id locally for now, but I guess we would need to
think of either merging it into one of the freebsd-specific source
package (?) or introducing it (??) but making sure it's only built on
relevant architectures (Architecture: ˙˙ + P-a-s come to mind).

It looks like the new hal 0.5.12 does not use it


2009-05-12	update NEWS for 0.5.12 release   HAL_0_5_12
2009-05-10	move from libvolume_id to libblkid


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