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Re: Plans for libvolume-id?

Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (01/07/2009):
> Yes, actually hal 0.5.12 does not need libvolume-id anymore, but use
> libblkid. Unfortunately the change upstream only concerns Linux, but
> porting the commit to GNU/kFreeBSD should not be really difficult.


> About hal itself, I have already filled a bug (#528383) with a patch.

I should have mentioned that I've started this thread while working on
updating this patch, sorry for that.

> The opened point has to be fixed first (mainly the new library that
> the maintainer doesn't like should be linked statically instead). Note
> that part of the changes in this patch are already merged upstream for
> 0.5.13.
> Unfortunately, being on holidays with bad connectivity, I have no
> possibility to work on that those days.

As agreed during a quick conversation on IRC (also with the maintainer),
I'm going to work on getting that library in a reasonable shape, so that
we are ready when 0.5.12 gets uploaded (which is blocked by util-linux,
e2fsprogs, udev, etc. see #528830). Which means I'm cheating with the
locally-hacked libvolume-id library for now, and that we'll only have to
do some bits of porting for libblkid by then.


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