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[D-I] Kernel/module udebs status - massbuild script update Applications tracing on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Bug#359002: freebsd-sendpr: includes 2 copies of the same executable Bug#359002: marked as done (freebsd-sendpr: includes 2 copies of the same executable) Bug#363421: marked as done (Spelling mistake in package description) Bug#434548: dependency on dpkg-dev bloats small systems Building Network-Manager Re: Changing console keymap Debian GNU/(k)NetBSD and sparc32 hardware? freebsd-sendpr 3.113+5.3-7 MIGRATED to testing freebsd-sendpr_3.113+5.3-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED GCC 4.2 transition gtk+2.0 build fails in kfreebsd Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue Keyboard disabled in X kfreebsd-5 5.4-22 MIGRATED to testing kfreebsd-5_5.4-22_amd64.changes ACCEPTED New GNU/kFreeBSD build daemon Problem pointing /bin/sh to dash Processing of freebsd-sendpr_3.113+5.3-7_i386.changes Processing of kfreebsd-5_5.4-22_amd64.changes Re: qa uploadable packages with kfreebsd bugs submission Reestructuration of armel and kfreebsd-any repos at GNUAB Successful jailed GNU/kFreeBSD The last update was on 07:10 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 58 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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