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Re: Autoconf build targets

* Nathan Hawkins 

| skaro:/# ls /usr/bsd/bin
| byacc       gcov        kas       kgdb      kranlib   make       patch  yacc
| colldef     gensetdefs  kc++filt  kld       kreadelf  mkdep      sh
| yyfix
| compile_et  install     kcc       knm       ksize     mknod      tcsh
| csh         kaddr2line  kcpp      kobjcopy  kstrings  mktemp     tsort
| find        kar         kgasp     kobjdump  kstrip    objformat  xargs
| And yes, all of these are things for which I can't presently
| substitute the regular versions of these from Debian packages. :(
| Several of the tools are there because they have incompatible options
| to GNU versions. find and install for example. Others are apparently
| BSD-specific, like gensetdefs or compile_et.
| I hope to be able to get the FreeBSD binutils and gcc out of there
| sometime, since they're only used to build the kernel, and from what
| I'm told -CURRENT should be buildable with gcc 3.x now. Binutils may
| not be able to go away for a while yet. :(

except that it's ugly, how would it be to just prepend bsd- to the
names of those utilities?  It would remove the need for /usr/bsd at
least (but might be just as ugly since you might need to change a lot
in upstream source).

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