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re: Soooooooo...

   > Great. I'll prod this at some point over the weekend and try to get NetBSD
   > ones built. Have you done anything about differences between the FreeBSD
   > and Debian file layouts?
   I've built binutils packages, and have managed to get gcc to build but
   haven't packaged it as yet. Currently no versions of gcc will build on a
   netbsdelf system without patching, but patches are available. Should we
   aim for gcc 3.0 or stick with 2.95? (the patches are pretty much
   applicable to either, it's just a couple of mods to the configure scripts
   and some changes to the arch specific include files for the most part)

netbsd itself is very shortly switching to GCC 2.95.3 so i
think this would be the best target for now.  it's probably
better tested as well.. 


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