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Re: OffTopic: Reply-to

I'm one of those rare people that likes a Cc:, regardless of whether
I'm on a list or not.  I read mailing lists when I'm bored; if someone
replies to me via list, I won't immediately respond.  OTOH, if I'm 
Cc'd, I'll get a copy of the email in my inbox (of which I'll be
informed about immediately), as well as filtered into the list mbox.

Saying 99% of posters are on a given list depends greatly on the list.
Looking at something like linux-kernel, a large number of bug reports
are from people not subscribed.  I'm not sure what the numbers are
for debian lists, but 99% seems a bit high (assuming non-subscribed
email addresses can post, I've never tried).

Finally, why should the sender have to keep track of your preferences?
If you don't want to be Cc'd, put it in your .sig (not the email
header, or anyplace that can't be plainly seen).  If you do want
to be Cc'd, mention it somewhere in the email body.  If you don't
care either way, fine, but don't get upset when someone decides
to Cc: you.

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 03:31:55PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> But in 99% of the situations, the poster is on the list. It's pretty
> backwards to force everyone else to install and configure software to
> filter duplicates, when the problem could be solved by simply not
> sending duplicates in the first place!  Why not just tell your mail
> software to (by default) just reply to the list?  Any decent mail
> software should be able to do this.
> When the person requests a Cc: (a rare situation), then you can add
> them.
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