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Re: OffTopic: Reply-to

> But in 99% of the situations, the poster is on the list. It's pretty
> backwards to force everyone else to install and configure software to
> filter duplicates, when the problem could be solved by simply not
> sending duplicates in the first place!  Why not just tell your mail
> software to (by default) just reply to the list?  Any decent mail
> software should be able to do this.

As i told, mutt has extra support for this.
But i usually hit the group reply key anyway...
But if i press the List reply button, the reply is adressed to the list

> When the person requests a Cc: (a rare situation), then you can add
> them.

Or reply only to "first posts" via group reply.
If someone replied to a list message, you can expect him to read the
list; in most lists you can expect this in any case...
And many lists do allow posts from subscribers only.
That's when "list reply" comes in.

But i hate lists with Reply-To set.
Fortunately, mutt has an option to ignore Reply-To for Mailing lists.


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