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OffTopic: Reply-to

Sorry for off-topic.

> My apologies -- I subscribe to a dozen of different lists, and this
> is the *only* one that doesn't set the Reply-To field properly.  I'm

the reply-to field should _not_ be set by any mailing list.
the reply-to field is to be used by the sender of the message...
p.e. example you can then send a mail to the mailing list and force the
replys to go to you directly - great for surveys.
So a mailing list should not mess with this field.

There's a "reply-to-all" button in every email program, use that.
And all those people complaining "no need to cc me, i'm on the list":
i do not know wheter you are on the list or not - so just install a dupe
filter, then you'll get the mail only once. That's not too hard...

> so used to it just working that force of habit has me occasionally
> sending the reply before correcting the address.  I'll try to pay more
> attention to this in the future...

just use always the "reply-to-all" button...
will work with misconfigured mailing lists as well...


Decent Mail programs like mutt do even have some list-reply feature.
This will allow you to reply to known lists with a single keypress...
and mutt does have an option to ignore the reply-to's of all those
misconfigured lists...

And do search with google for "reply munging considered harmful".

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