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Re: OffTopic: Reply-to

Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@mucl.de> writes:

> There's a "reply-to-all" button in every email program, use that.
> And all those people complaining "no need to cc me, i'm on the
> list": i do not know wheter you are on the list or not - so just
> install a dupe filter, then you'll get the mail only once. That's
> not too hard...

But in 99% of the situations, the poster is on the list. It's pretty
backwards to force everyone else to install and configure software to
filter duplicates, when the problem could be solved by simply not
sending duplicates in the first place!  Why not just tell your mail
software to (by default) just reply to the list?  Any decent mail
software should be able to do this.

When the person requests a Cc: (a rare situation), then you can add

Reply to: