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Re: OffTopic: Reply-to

> I'm one of those rare people that likes a Cc:, regardless of whether
> I'm on a list or not.  I read mailing lists when I'm bored; if someone
> replies to me via list, I won't immediately respond.  OTOH, if I'm 
> Cc'd, I'll get a copy of the email in my inbox (of which I'll be
> informed about immediately), as well as filtered into the list mbox.

There's one more nice thing:
If i hit Group reply (as i did with this mail), my reply gets adressed
"To: the original sender", and "CC: the list".
So i tell in the "to:" header, whom i'm talking to, in "cc:" who is
supposed to get a copy of the mail (but who has not necessarily to feel
addressed to).

That IS what these headers are meant for ;)

And if you do not want to install a dupe filter, hit "d"elete on the
obviously double email...

But enough off-topic now... this discussion runs often enough...
we should get back to BSD by now...


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