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Re: Old-timer installer, task-sysvinit?

Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> (2014-11-24):
> I tested it out with a fairly minimal install and it worked fine (well
> systemd-dbus is running, but that isn't init and hence not what I was
> testing).

Pretty sure it's either dbus(-{daemon,launch}) or systemd-udev.

> So I learned a bit about preseed, and am fairly happy now.  I still
> have systemd running on my system, it has some useful features, even
> if I think process 1 is way too large and have a hard time trusting
> anything from the maker of pulseaudio (which still causes me headaches
> all the time for some reason).

Please stop posting random rants on debian-boot@.


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