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Re: debian installer, kernel and keyboard

Thank you for a good answer, I can now sucessfullly install Debian. But now I have problems with my network. The installer (daily build dated today) detects my wireless card but cannot connect to a wpa2 network. In additon my cabled card "Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet card" is not detected by the installer, and if I try to modprobe bnx2 or bnx2x it does not give any good results with the daily build of today.
Any good suggestions?
Advice appreciated.
BR Kenneth

2010/2/5 Kenneth Macdonald Karlsen <kennethkarls@gmail.com>
I have read the message:
and I have the same problem. I cannot install debian due to this, the keyboard does not respond when the kernel is loaded.
I have not found information on what kernel is present in the debian installer, how can I do this?
Is there new information when the kernel will be updated according to the information in the message i refer to?
A reply is much appreciated.

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