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Re: debian installer, kernel and keyboard

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 5:48 PM, Kenneth Macdonald Karlsen <kennethkarls@gmail.com> wrote:
Thank you for a good answer, I can now sucessfullly install Debian. But now I have problems with my network. The installer (daily build dated today) detects my wireless card but cannot connect to a wpa2 network. In additon my cabled card "Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet card" is not detected by the installer, and if I try to modprobe bnx2 or bnx2x it does not give any good results with the daily build of today.

Good to know that keyboard works now.
Any good suggestions?

 Do you know if your network adaptor is suppose to work with bnx2 or bnx2x? bnx2 is available in installer (at least in last upload today) but bnx2x isn't. I've added bnx2x for next  upload but I'll wait few days to see if no other requests are done before uploading it.

In any case, you might try to put bnx2x in a pendrive,  copy it into installer, use depmod -a and try to load it by hand and see if it works to confirm.


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