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Re: Towards X11-based d-i: v2, final report

Heya again.

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (27/02/2010):
> now I've refreshed/rebuilt all udebs against sid. So here comes a
> bunch of links.

And now a follow-up: speakup is now enabled again. I'm going to
emphasize what changed (top-bottom-line: not much).

> Results:
> ========
> New netboot-gtk mini.iso (checksum and sig in the same directory):
>   http://people.debian.org/~kibi/di-x11/2010-02-27/mini.iso

While I was reluctant to do so, I've finally replaced the speakup-
disabled image with a speakup-enabled image. The former can still
be found in the without-speakup/ subdirectory.

> Size comparison (kernel versions changed but…):
>   v1 (with 2.6.30 kernel)
>     Total system size: 53460k (4,7M libs, 11M kernel modules)
>     Initrd size: 19329k
>     Kernel size: 2171k
>   v2 (without speakup, with 2.6.32-trunk kernel)
>     Total system size: 46198k (2,8M libs, 9,6M kernel modules)
>     Initrd size: 17644k
>     Kernel size: 2069k

v2 (with speakup, and with 2.6.32-3 kernel):
  Total system size: 46422k (2,8M libs, 9,8M kernel modules)
  Initrd size: 17705k
  Kernel size: 2077k

> Patches for packages maintained by d-i folks:
>   http://people.debian.org/~kibi/patches-di-v2/ (packages-*)

The speakup-disabling patch was replaced with a kernel-version-
switching one (0004-*).

> Things for later:
> =================
> […]

 * Since I've rebuilt an image specially to enable speakup again, I
   asked Samuel to do a quick test, and he said the dummy driver
   looked like working fine. He also noted we probably don't
   want/need to start X in that case, but that's apparently just a
   trivial patch to check the frontend.


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