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Re: debian installer, kernel and keyboard

On Friday 05 February 2010, Kenneth Macdonald Karlsen wrote:
> I have not found information on what kernel is present in the debian
> installer, how can I do this?

If your keyboard is not working that can be tricky :-)

For daily built images you can go to [1] and then select the link for
"other images" for your architecture. There you will find a file named 
MANIFEST.udebs which lists kernel module udebs included in the current 
images and the package names for those include the kernel version.

> Is there new information when the kernel will be updated according to
> the information in the message i refer to?

We're currently working on an alpha release in which this issue will not be 
fixed. After that a switch to the new kernel should hopefully happen 
fairly soon. But it will take at least about a month.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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