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Re: edos analysis for debian-installer

On Sunday 14 February 2010, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> That is interesting. Do you mean that packages in installer contain more
> dependencies than in unstable?

No, they are not explicit anywhere.

> Is there any documentation where these additional dependencies come from
> (by hand from the mainatiner, or a tool), and how they are used?

What I'm talking about is mostly dependencies of the type "will only work 
correctly with udeb X version Y and not with earlier versions".

They're not registered as dependencies as doing so would cause things to 
break functionally. They are ensured mostly by our release management.

Sometimes they will be documented in the changelog for a package as
"Requires X (>=Y)", as a reminder that uploads and migrations to testing 
need to be coordinated. We also have a "testing migration" page where 
comments can be added, but that hasn't been used much recently.

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