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Re: Switching g-i from DirectFB to X11

On Sunday 14 February 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I've tried another approach, see attached patch.

I think just excluding them in the file list is acceptable, especially as a
temporary solution.

But IMHO the patch is more complicated than it needs to be.

I don't think it needs to be optional because we always want the exclusion
when the files are present. That avoids the need to include (and maintain)
MKLIBS_FIND_FILTER in all G-I targets.

And instead of creating a difficult to understand find exclusion I'd just
as soon simply grep them out of the result, as is already being done for
udeblibs. It's not going to have any significant impact on the builds.

So I'd suggest doing this change instead (tested):
--- a/installer/build/Makefile
+++ b/installer/build/Makefile
@@ -480,5 +480,6 @@ ifndef ONLY_KLIBC
 	$(MKLIBS) -L $(TREE)/usr/lib -L $(TEMP)/udeblibs -v -d $(TREE)/lib --root=$(TREE) \
 		-L $(TREE)/usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend \
 		$(addprefix -l,$(notdir $(wildcard $(TREE)/usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend/*.so))) \
-		`find $(TEMP) -type f -a \( -perm +0111 -o -name '*.so' -o -name '*.so.*' \) | grep -v udeblibs`
+		`find $(TEMP) -type f -a \( -perm +0111 -o -name '*.so' -o -name '*.so.*' \) | \
+		 grep -v udeblibs | grep -v 'usr/lib/xorg/modules/.*\.so'`
 	rm -rf $(TEMP)/udeblibs

Thanks a lot for looking into this. Enabling library reduction will reduce
the image size by ~0.5GB.


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