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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

"Giacomo A. Catenazzi" <cate@debian.org> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> "Giacomo A. Catenazzi" <cate@debian.org> writes:
>>> Does grub use the unallocated disk space near the MBR?
>> Yes.  As far as I know, even grub2 does so, but pls. correct me.
> So next question: why does windoze installation write to these block
> (but not to MBR)? Ah, ok the "windoze" in question is already the
> answer ;-)

Linux installation (with grub, that is, in most of the cases) writes
there as well.  On what basis do you blame Windows for the same?

> http://lwn.net/Articles/322777/

Thanks, that was a very interesting read.

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