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Re: Call for testing of RC1 images

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):

> > On Wednesday 05 November 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> >> No, this is a person who has a fullday work plus University trying to
> >> do his best to make the release happen.
> >
> > Why don't you try _asking_ for help if you can't do everything yourself?
> > Preferably with some overview of what you intend to do yourself and 
> > exactly what you'd like others to do.
> Well, that is probably my own fault since I always try to no bother
> people and try to do all myself. I reconice it. This is can be
> improved and I'll try to do better next time.

I won't enter this debate too deeply but I have to confirm that I
share some concerns with Frans even if it's not my method to express
it the way he does it (not blaming: we both have our work and
communication method and different work methods is what makes a good

I don't want to blame you too much, Otavio, because I always find this
unfair to people who made things happen. You manage the release the
way you think is appropriate and, well, the release is very hard to
manage as there's a lot of things to do and you're tempted to do them
on your own....just like the former release managers did.....which is
what probably cannot continue.

> > Instead all we (the rest of the team) get from you is total silence.  
> > Every once in a while suddenly something happens. You have not sent a 
> > release status update or planning or anything basically to the list in 
> > months...
> Sorry but I don't agree about this. My way to coordinate the release
> is different of your. I do most of coordination through IRC and talk a
> lot in chat with people responsable by each area.

But, some of the most active contributors for D-I (Frans, /me,
Jérémy, Joey....) are much less active on IRC....so that may not very
well fit our current work method. This is one of the thigns that
changed dramatically since the woody->sarge and sarge->etch release cycles.

> I've said that I'll look into that and I'll do it when possible. Since
> RC1 is not our last release before final (we'll have a RC2) this is

We *need* to say this to the release team. Are they aware of that ?

Having an RC2 will delay the lenny release by about 2 months more,
making it impossible to happen before February, imho. Are they aware
of this?

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