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Re: Call for testing of RC1 images

On Thursday 06 November 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Having an RC2 will delay the lenny release by about 2 months more,
> making it impossible to happen before February, imho. Are they aware
> of this?

The fact that we need an RC2 is not primairily "our fault". As long as 
developers keep targeting updates of packages used in D-I images at lenny 
such as Gnome libs and libssl, as long as we keep getting new kernel 
uploads because of upstream releases or bug fixes, we don't have a 

And we also have some bugs of our own to fix.

But an RC2 release can happen a lot quicker than the RC1 release (if 
managed properly), at least as long as there's no kernel ABI change.
Why? Because in that case migrating components to testing does not break 
the existing release. Because we won't need additional string freeze 
periods. And because the changes are a lot smaller and have been 
individually tested (one would hope), you can do with only basic testing.

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