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Re: Call for testing of RC1 images

On Wednesday 05 November 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> No, this is a person who has a fullday work plus University trying to
> do his best to make the release happen.

Why don't you try _asking_ for help if you can't do everything yourself?
Preferably with some overview of what you intend to do yourself and 
exactly what you'd like others to do.

Instead all we (the rest of the team) get from you is total silence.  
Every once in a while suddenly something happens. You have not sent a 
release status update or planning or anything basically to the list in 
As RM your main job is to _coordinate_ the release: make sure that 
everything that needs to be done actually gets done.

It would also help if you'd stop saying you will do extra stuff (like 
follow up on the source requirement mails) and then completely fail to do 
so without ANY explanation and without asking if others could help out.

> You might just help on that instead of blame me. This could help a
> lot.

Well, I'm afraid I won't help much, for reasons previously given. But if 
you'd at least asked for help, I wouldn't be bitching about things.

As long as you don't give any indication that you cannot do a job properly 
because of lack of time, you cannot blame others for expecting you to do 
it properly.

ASK for help processing installation reports and gathering info about 
possible RC issues, ASK for help preparing announcements, ASK for help 
with whatever.
But don't leave others in the dark and don't just skip important steps 
because you don't have the time to do them.

IMO it's better to tell people you cannot do a job you've accepted and 
taken responsibility for, then to do the job half-arsed.
If nobody else steps up to help you or take over, then you still have the 
option to do things half-arsed, but at least then you'll be able to tell 
people who complain to go to hell.

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