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Re: moving tasksel to git

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Several translators, including /me, are comfortable enough with git to
> be able to commit themselves directly in a git "repo".
> That might be the same for task maintainers...
> But many aren't and holding hands of a few dozen people to confirm
> they do it and do it right is.....slightly above my possibilities.
> This is not specific to tasksel, of course. The more packaging goes to
> git, the more this problem arises..:-)
> On the other hand, the wish of developers to have a better revision
> control system should be the driving force.
> What I propose is that you make the switch to git, with a simple
> enough howto (inspired by the dpkg maintainers git usage howto).

Right, well, if you're generalising from how dpkg asks translators to
use git in http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/GitUsage , don't. There are
a number of things there that are not strictly necessary, especially the
rebasing. KISS, and simply replace the svn commands you were using with
their git equivilants:

svn checkout => git clone
svn up       => git pull
svn add file => git add file
svn commit   => git commit -a; git push
debcommit    => debcommit -a; git push

see shy jo

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