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Re: moving tasksel to git

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> If moving it to git will cause any significant trouble for translators and
> task maintainers, please let me know.

Well, frankly....it will..:-)

Several translators, including /me, are comfortable enough with git to
be able to commit themselves directly in a git "repo".

That might be the same for task maintainers...

But many aren't and holding hands of a few dozen people to confirm
they do it and do it right is.....slightly above my possibilities.

This is not specific to tasksel, of course. The more packaging goes to
git, the more this problem arises..:-)

On the other hand, the wish of developers to have a better revision
control system should be the driving force.

What I propose is that you make the switch to git, with a simple
enough howto (inspired by the dpkg maintainers git usage howto). Then,
we explain to translators that change. Those who feel comfortable with
committing themselves will continue to do it with git. Others will go
back to the bug report method....and one of the i18n folks will take
care to commit stuff properly.

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