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Re: [RFR] Next installment in localechooser revamp

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> IMO that's really ugly as it means users are twice asked to choose 
> something: first in the long description and then again in the short 
> description. The fact that we already have that ugliness in the language 
> selection template is no excuse to repeat it here (and it would be worse 
> here because the long description is shorter which makes the repetition 
> more obvious).

Which is why we could use this opportunity to change it as well....

> Christian also suggested changing the short description to just "Continent 
> or region:" to avoid the repetition, but as you can see that would make the 
> continent template completely inconsistent with the other templates.

...unless we change the other ones.

> Lintian does print warnings about the localechooser templates for using 
> imperative form. Maybe we should remove "Choose a" from _all_ short 
> descriptions in localechooser, and adjust the long descriptions 
> accordingly. However, I feel that doing that at this point in the release 
> cycle would be a really bad idea.

I fail to see why. The new strings *anyway* require our translators to
update their translations to cope with the new continent screen. So,
one more or one less is not that relevant.

Indeed, this is something that I already delayed during the etch
release cycle.

> So, my conclusion is that my proposed strings are, though maybe not perfect, 
> at least a whole lot better than Christian's suggestions and will do fine 
> for Lenny.
> I'm open to alternative suggestions, but they will at least have to show:
> - exactly why it is that my string is so wrong;

I already explained that I think that a non-verb sentence is imho
inconsistent with the purpose of a long description which is to put a
longer description of what we expect from users.

One can see as a quite formalist way to design things but I assume
being formal...:)

> - offer a solution that does not involve ugly repetitions or introduce
>   additional work for translators.

I think that the extra work suggested by a rewrite of the *other*
templates is really something that is not a big problems for translators.

----- Language selection ------
   Please choose the language used for the installation process. This
   language will be the default language for the final system.


------ Country shortlists ------
   Based on your language, you are probably located in one of these
   countries or regions.

   Country, territory or area:

------ Continent selection (new strings) ------
   Please choose the continent or region in which the desired country
   is located.

   Continent or region:

------ Country selection (after selecting a continent) ------
   Country, territory or area:

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