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Re: [RFR] Next installment in localechooser revamp

On Tuesday 08 April 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Which is why we could use this opportunity to change it as well....

OK. Maybe it is even better to have localechooser completely untranslated 
rather than semi translated for languages which are not up-to-date as that 
should probably be sufficient warning to users that other parts may not be 
completely translated either.

But if we do this, then let's do it well and:

- also change the menu item as "Choose language" does not really fit with
  other option in the menu; "Select a language" would at least be more
  consistent with kbd-chooser (and better English), but a term to cover that
  we do more than language selection would be even better

- update _all_ dialogs, including locale selection

- stop using "choose", but use "select" instead (i.e. "Please select ...)

- improve the long description for debian-installer/locale as the use of the
  term "locale *parameters*" IMO does not make any sense

I have decided to commit my pending changes as this string revision is 
basically a separate issue from my country selection changes. As my changes 
introduce only two new strings which IMO are perfectly OK and consistent 
with other existing strings, I see no reason to further delay committing.

An extensive rewrite of existing strings can be done afterwards and should 
be discussed on the list before any changes are made.


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