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[RFR] Next installment in localechooser revamp

This time I'm not going to bore you with a patch, but will just explain the 
change and allow anyone interested to test it.

This proposed change splits the full countrylist into two separate dialogs:
- selection of a continent/area
- selection of a country/region within that

Main reason for the change is that the full country list was way too long, 
which causes various usability issues, especially with the text frontend 
but also with the newt and gtk frontends.

The basic flow is unchanged; we still have shortlists for example.
Obviously this change obsoletes the special country selection handler for 
the cdebconf-gtk frontend.

There are two new strings, both for the new continents template. I think 
that some other strings could be improved, but that can be postponed.

Here are some relevant bits from my git changelog entry:
- the default for the continent selection template is dynamically determined
  from either the current or the default country by checking which continent
  template contains the country
- all country templates now use Choices-C and country codes; this obsoletes
  the functions code2country and country2code
- default country is no longer specified in templates, we now always use
  the value from the languagelist (some defaults in templates were broken)
- languagemap script now sets DEFAULT_COUNTRY instead of COUNTRY, which
  allows that new variable to double for COUNTRYCODE_LANGUAGECHOOSER
- simplified logic for preseeding and setting defaults; the value of
  debian-installer/country is now leading for all country templates which
  ensures consistent behavior when backing up or rerunning localechooser

A mini.iso image for i386 that includes the new version is available for 
testing: http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/d-i/lc-continents_mini.iso.

I have tested the new code fairly intensively myself including:
high and medium priority, languages with country shortlist, single country 
languages, backing up from various dialogs, running localechooser a second 
time, preseeding (from the boot prompt).

The patch is functionally finished, but I am planning to do a few additional 
cleanups before committing.
Because of the added strings I'm not yet sure whether to commit before or 
after Beta2. Doing it before has the advantage that the whole revamp gets 
included in the same release.

I propose to remove the default country for Esperanto as it makes a lot less 
sense with the separate continents dialog.

After this I have two more changes planned for localechooser for Lenny:
- improving preseeding so that optionally language, country and locale can
  be preseeded separately
- more general code cleanup

Comments more than welcome.


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