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Re: [D-I] Warnings for incomplete translations - some translations needed

On Wednesday 12 March 2008, ardoRic wrote:
> I am already translating these messages to Portuguese, but am unsure
> on what to do once i finish it.


> My first message now looks like this (still pending review, so it may
> not be final):

You were close. It should eventually look like this:
Template: localechooser/translation/text/warn_incomplete/pt
Type: text
# This means that there is a significant chance that some dialogs will be
# displayed in Brazilian Portuguese or, if that is also not available, in
# English.
Description: Isto significa que há a hipótese que algumas das questões 
colocadas sejam mostradas em Português do Brasil ou, se também essa língua 
não estiver disponível, em Inglês.

The last (after Description:) should be all on one line (no returns).

But don't worry about that too much. I can fix up any minor issues like 


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