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Bug#470522: Kernel oopses before installation on my T41

On Wednesday 12 March 2008, Frank Bauer wrote:
> It still fails with framebuffer off, but the text frontend allows me to
> see the message in full:

So now we do know what the exact problem is and it's clearly a kernel issue.

It looks similar to this report:

It is strange though that you don't see it on the installed system, though 
that could be a difference between the 486 and 686 flavors.

The next question is what to do about it, and I'm afraid that we're kind of 
stuck there. We're very close to the beta1 release and fixing the kernel 
for that is just not an option anymore. Upstream has stopped maintenance 
for 2.6.22, so reporting the issue there does not make much sense.
The Debian kernel team already wanted to be rid of 2.6.22 (and that will 
happen immediately after the D-I beta), and so is unlikely to want to look 
into this, let alone fix it.

Seems to me that the best course of action is to see this issue as an 
erratum for 2.6.22 and check whether it's fixed as soon as we switch the 
installer to 2.6.24 (ASAP after the beta).
If it is still reproducible with 2.65.24, it should be reported upstream.


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