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Saying goodbye as D-I Release Manager, but not to D-I

Hello all,

Yesterday I have retired from Debian.

I have explained my reasons for that decision in detail on the 
debian-private mailing list and I will not repeat them in detail here.
The main, but not the only, reason is that my involvement in the project 
was no longer "fun" because of the continued personal abuse I have been 
getting on various mailing lists from a certain person. Many of you may 
not have seen much of that recently, but if you check the archives for 
the debian-project list for the end of last month you will see what I 

I would like to stress that my retirement has nothing to do with my work 
on the D-I project. As I do still enjoy working on D-I, I also do not 
plan to leave completely, but rather go back to working on it as an 
outside contributor. I've already created a -guest account on alioth and 
given myself commit access for that (I hope the other project admins 
don't mind ;-)

However, without being a member of the project, it is impossible to 
continue as D-I Release Manager and my main regret is that my retirement 
does leave D-I without an RM so suddenly.

So, the next question has to be: is there anybody interested in taking 
over that role?

I think asking on the debian-boot list first is the right thing to do.
I have of course already spoken with Joey, and he would very much prefer 
*not* to have to take over as RM again.
I will of course assist any new RM as much as possible, especially to get 
started and I expect Joey will do the same where needed.

As you all probably know, D-I is complex enough that it really needs an 
RM. As my technical skills are nothing special, the fact that I could do 
it means that it is certainly not an impossible job, although it 
certainly does require a fair commitment.

For myself, I expect I will spend less time on general things, including 
installation reports, but more on specific issues (i.e, real hacking); I 
also hope to spend more time on the installation guide.


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