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Re: Saying goodbye as D-I Release Manager, but not to D-I

Op 01-06-2007 om 19:41 schreef Frans Pop:
> Hello all,
> Yesterday I have retired from Debian.
> However, without being a member of the project, it is impossible to 
> continue as D-I Release Manager and my main regret is that my retirement 
> does leave D-I without an RM so suddenly.
> So, the next question has to be: is there anybody interested in taking 
> over that role?
> I think asking on the debian-boot list first is the right thing to do.
> I have of course already spoken with Joey, and he would very much prefer 
> *not* to have to take over as RM again.
> I will of course assist any new RM as much as possible, especially to get 
> started and I expect Joey will do the same where needed.
> As you all probably know, D-I is complex enough that it really needs an 
> RM. As my technical skills are nothing special, the fact that I could do 
> it means that it is certainly not an impossible job, although it 
> certainly does require a fair commitment.

I think the job vacantion is worth an entry on di-wiki/today

Now that Frans is stepping back, the thing I will be missing
is most likely the thing I had a hard time to cope with:

 fjp saying "no" or "enough".

Previous I thought there was no limit in Free speech nor in Free
software, meanwhile I known there are such limits.

I hope that you soon find a project which has the right fun/energy ratio. 

An advice: take several projects.
  That will prevent an meltdown on a single spot

Geert Stappers

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