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Re: Saying goodbye as D-I Release Manager, but not to D-I

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 07:41:08PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Hello all,
> Yesterday I have retired from Debian.
> I have explained my reasons for that decision in detail on the 
> debian-private mailing list and I will not repeat them in detail here.
> The main, but not the only, reason is that my involvement in the project 
> was no longer "fun" because of the continued personal abuse I have been 
> getting on various mailing lists from a certain person. Many of you may 
> not have seen much of that recently, but if you check the archives for 
> the debian-project list for the end of last month you will see what I 
> mean.

Notice that the abuse included :

  An last a personal message to Frans, remember when we where in
  Extremadura, we had a good time, and we worked side by side. I
  seriously lament that it all degenerated like it did. I certainly have
  my part of responsability in this, but i passed though times, as you
  know. Let's put pride and arrogance and remembrance of past hurts
  aside, and let's again work on d-i all together, as it should be.

And that it was you who twice asked for my expulsion from Debian.

It is really sad that you could not grow up and stopd this childish
persecution of me, and that when i proposed that we meet at FOSDEM, you
chose to ask for my expulsion instead.

Imagine what we could all have achieved in all this time if you had not
rejected all the conciliation proposal i sent your way,

Sad to see you go, and sad that debian failed in mediating this in a way
which allowed us both to have fun. Let this be a lection to the future,
of the hurt that pride can cause to all involved and bystanders.


Sven Luther

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