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Re: Saying goodbye as D-I Release Manager, but not to D-I

> I think asking on the debian-boot list first is the right thing to do.
> I have of course already spoken with Joey, and he would very much prefer 
> *not* to have to take over as RM again.
> I will of course assist any new RM as much as possible, especially to get 
> started and I expect Joey will do the same where needed.

As I probably can be considered part of the D-I "core" team, I think
that it is my duty to officially announce that I will not step up for
that task in case someone would have thought I could.

I still consider myself as the coordinator of the i18n activities in
D-I and will definitely continue to assume this task and therefore
assist the D-I release manager as much as I can in his/her duties.

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