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Re: About console-setup in d-i

(CC'ing Alastair)

Quoting Anton Zinoviev:

> On the other hand I think I am already experienced in scripts to setup
> console.  The problem here however is that for obvious reasons I am
> unable to use simultaneously the scripts in kbd and the scripts in
> console-setup on one computer.  I am already a maintainer of two
> packages I can not use together on my developer mashine (console-setup
> and console-cyrillic) and having to take care of a third is too much.
> Nevertheless this is bearable if I am not the sole maintainer of kbd.

Hmmm, OK, thanks for the clarification.

We obviously have a problem here, unless someone pops up to help
maintaining these packages:

- console-setup is well maintained
- kbd needs more maintainers
- console-common is in maintenance mode
- console-tools is supposed to be replaced by kbd but still here
- console-data is more or less maintained (I worked on it recently, to
get more separation of "upstream" and Debian packaging and I just
finish to simplify its debian/rules). Some big cleaning of the
provided keymaps is needed
- DI stuff (kbd-chooser, hacks in localechooser) is in maintenance mode
- there are no firm plans about what to do for the default console
handling in lenny
- there are very few console handling experts involved (I know about
Anton and Alastair McKinstry. I'm not one). Some have low availability.

I propose that all people working on those console-handling stuff gather
together in a *single* Alioth group and move the various SVN there:


That would include getting some involvment from Ubuntu (Colin, again?).

Then, we'll need to call out for help maintaining this stuff, at east
to provide Frans with firm plans about console handling in DI.

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