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Re: preseed, partman question.

> > I see docs on how to do either the auto partitioning of the first
> > disk, OR the creation of the RAID5 array, but I don't see an example of
> > how to specify -both- at the same time in the same configuration file.
> What you want is not supported. Sorry.

I feel also sorry.

The original post was, and hopefull still is, a good possiblity
to have people work on better multiple disk partitioning.

A statement like
  What you want is not supported.
doesn't encourage people to build what they (and others) want.

  What you want is not _yet_ supported.
will indeed trigger further discussion, but that is good.
It will make d-i a better d-i.

In other words:

  It is better to ignore a posting,
  then to say it can't or wouldn't be done.

Geert Stappers

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