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Re: preseed, partman question.

Op 18-05-2007 om 09:38 schreef Geert Stappers:
> > > I see docs on how to do either the auto partitioning of the first
> > > disk, OR the creation of the RAID5 array, but I don't see an example of
> > > how to specify -both- at the same time in the same configuration file.
> > 
> > What you want is not supported. Sorry.
> I feel also sorry.
> The original post was, and hopefull still is, a good possiblity
> to have people work on better multiple disk partitioning.

 (-:  I feel happy  :-)

a posting from today http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2007/05/msg00657.html
starts with:

 I have just finished setting up a preseeded d-i for some servers at
 work, and I'm in general very impressed. One thing which I found missing
 was a way to do more complicated partitioning via preseeding. What we
 wanted was a 2 or 4 disk raid used as the PV for an LVM containing all
 the partitions, with /boot on a 2 disk raid. This is not currently
 possible with pure preseeding, so I wrote a udeb which replaces
 partman-base in the menu and runs a script in it's postinst to do all
 the partitioning, formatting and mounting etc.

Geert Stappers

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