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Re: when the DHCP server belongs to the windows support people

Op 16-04-2007 om 21:52 schreef Michael S Peek:
> Stephen Frazier wrote:
> >It would appear that Michael Peek works in an environment like mine. 
> >Both windows and Debian machines on the same network. The DHCP server 
> >belongs to the windows support people and they don't know how to set 
> >it up for both windows and Debian.
> Bingo!

Yes, it does sound familiar.

> >What I have done is to create a floppy with a lot of little files 
> >containing my network definitions and some other configuration 
> >information. When I set up a Debian machine I place the Debian CD and 
> >the floppy in the machine. Boot the installer and enter "install 
> >file=/floppy/name" where name is the file containing the network 
> >configuration for this machine. It looks like I could set up CD with 
> >Michael's udeb that I could boot from and have it select the right 
> >file to do the install. I hope to try this sometime. His udeb could be 
> >a useful addition to Debian.
> You're more than welcome to.  I'll answer all the questions I can.
> http://www.tiem.utk.edu/~peek/debian/
> This contains both compiled udebs and the source.

From the multi-config.postinst file from that source,
I did create the attached HWaddr based preseed shell script.

To use it, you must have a web server ( even the most simple HTTP server
will do fine ) Put on the webserver, hostname ws, minimal 3 files:

 * preseed.cfg with at least a line that contains
 d-i preseed/run string hwaddrbasedpreseed.sh

 * hwaddrbasedpreseed.sh, the attached script

 * hwaddr-00-B0-B0-FE-EE-ED.cfg with host specific preseed information

in the directory d-i/etch

Start debian-installer like this

 install auto url=ws

The 'auto' parameter will postpone the language and keyboard question.
And 'url=ws' expands into "http://ws/d-i/etch/preseed.cfg";, in that
file is the clue to start the hardware address based preseed script,
which gets the hwaddr-00-B0-B0-FE-EE-ED.cfg file.

This way you can (re)configure a host based on his hardware address,
without access to DHCP server configuration.
And even without the hassle of remastering a CD-ROM, without
carring a floppy along the installer CD.

Geert Stappers

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