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Re: A small udeb contribution from an arm-chair developer

It would appear that Michael Peek works in an environment like mine. Both windows and Debian machines on the same network. The DHCP server belongs to the windows support people and they don't know how to set it up for both windows and Debian. What I have done is to create a floppy with a lot of little files containing my network definitions and some other configuration information. When I set up a Debian machine I place the Debian CD and the floppy in the machine. Boot the installer and enter "install file=/floppy/name" where name is the file containing the network configuration for this machine. It looks like I could set up CD with Michael's udeb that I could boot from and have it select the right file to do the install. I hope to try this sometime. His udeb could be a useful addition to Debian.

Michael S Peek wrote:
Geert Stappers wrote:
The Etch version has "Auto mode" See http://www.nl.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/apbs02.html.en#preseed-auto
for the details.

That's very slick, and it may indeed solve my problem, but I'm not convinced that this will work for me:
This relies on there being a DHCP server that will get the machine to the point where |autoserver| can be resolved by DNS, perhaps after adding the local domain if that was provided by DHCP.
My whole problem centers around the fact that DHCP is broken for me. That's why I wrote multi-config to begin with, and I found nothing in this documentation that said that I could use a file:// URL.


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