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Re: A small udeb contribution from an arm-chair developer

Op 14-04-2007 om 16:51 schreef Michael S Peek:
> >
> >Reading the announce of the multi-netcfg and multi-partman packages,
> >I couldn't see where the added value is, nor didn't see where
> >the Debian-installer should/could be improved.
> Let's say that you have about 50 or 100 (or more) machines that you are 
> going to install Debian on, and not all of the machines are the same:
> Furthermore, lets say that for whatever reason, a DHCP server and/or a 
> netboot installation just doesn't work for you.  (Maybe you don't have a 
> DHCP server and you don't want to take the time to set one up.  Or maybe 
> you're in the same boat with me and you don't have access to your 
> organization's DHCP server, and whenever a new, unconfigured host 
> appears on the net, the DHCP server /always/ gives out the wrong network 
> configuration information, so that you can't use DHCP anyway.)
> To the best of my knowledge, with the stock Debian installer that you 
> have now, you only have two options left to you: do each installation 
> manually, or build a separate installation media for each machine, where 
> each media includes just the preseed files necessary for that one 
> machine.

The Etch version has "Auto mode" 
See http://www.nl.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/apbs02.html.en#preseed-auto
for the details.

Geert Stappers
in a way too terse message

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