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Re: Some ideas regarding hardware detection and the installation system

[Geert Stappers]
> That automatic build of driver source into kernel module,
> how automatic will that be?
> What will the effect on the boot time?

Not sure.  I see two options, to make sure the kernel modules are
still available:

 - compile the source with the new kernel when the new kernel is
   installed.  Not sure how to hook this into debian.

 - compile the source when the system boot.  This might be too late if
   the kernel module is needed to access the disk or other hardware
   required to boot.

There might be other options as well.  I believe I read something
about some people working on a system to rebuild kernel modules at
boot time when the kernel change.  I have not tracked down this
solution, so I do not know anything more.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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