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Bug#420382: installation-reports: Install hangs when 30GB ipod connected via USB

I've attached the new log.  I think you found the problem -
close_dialog is not returning.
BTW the file was /lib/partman/.... not /var/lib/partman/..., I hope..

What happens is after I get the previously-described message, I can
click "continue" or "go back" from that message.  Regardless of which
I click, the screen simply returns to the "Starting up Partitioner -
Scanning Disks.... 41%" progress bar.


On 4/22/07, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
On Sunday 22 April 2007 09:18, Andrew Chant wrote:
> I've attached the syslog after adding set -x to
> /lib/partman/definitions.sh, as requested.

Thank you for the log. It shows the warning being displayed, but not what
happens after that.

I've done some testing of my own, simulating the error (though not
actually triggering the error in the library) and I cannot reproduce any

Can you describe the hang and when exactly it happens in more detail?
What should happen is that when you get the warning, you can choose either
<Go Back> or <Continue>. In fact, what you choose does not matter.
Can you still do this? Does the warning disappear? Does the progress bar
progress at all after that?

Could you do another test and add a few logging statements near the bottom
of /var/lib/partman/init.d/30parted as follows:
        cd $dev
        logger -t test "Opening device"
        open_dialog OPEN "$(cat $dev/device)"
        logger -t test "Back from dialog"
        read_line response
        logger -t test "Response is: '$response'"
        logger -t test "Dialog closed"
        if [ "$response" = failed ]; then
            cd /
            rm -rf $dev

Please also add the "set -x" in that script instead of definitions.sh this

> The reason I suggest adding it to the workarounds is because it is not
> obvious that it is the ipod that is causing the hang.  It took me a
> few hours to figure out that /dev/scsi/host2 was actually my ipod,
> which normally I don't consider as an HD - I just have it connected
> all the time so that it charges.

Well, it's detected as an USB stick by linux, so from our point of view
it's perfectly normal that it is detected at that stage. Having
additional storage devices (not needed for the install itself) plugged
into a system is in general not advisable, and an iPod _is_ a storage
device :-)


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