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Re: Some ideas regarding hardware detection and the installation system

Op 21-04-2007 om 12:56 schreef Petter Reinholdtsen:
> During installation, and afterwards, there are a few things that could
> be improved regarding hardware detection.  Here are some ideas I have
> on the topic.

This comment is only on one idea.

> Third, some hardware is supported by kernel modules which are for
> various reasons only distributed as source packages.  When such
> hardware is detected, the source package should be automatically
> installed and the kernel module built and installed.  For this to keep
> working when the kernel is upgraded, some system to rebuild the source
> when required need to be in place.
> In short:
>   Suggested Debian package should be installed automatically during
>   installation, and trigger some user/admin dialog asking if the
>   driver should be installed after installation.
> I suspect the discover v2 package might be a good base to implement
> this, as it already support mapping from various hardware types to
> kernel module, X driver and Debian package.  The missing parts are
>  - Mapping from kernel module to Debian package.
>  - User space dialog asking if a debian package should be installed.
>  - System to handle kernel source module packages (aka
>    module-assistant prepare/build/install).
> What are your view on this?  I plan to give a talk during DebConf
> about these ideas, and wanted to run them past you all to get
> feedback.

That automatic build of driver source into kernel module,
how automatic will that be?

What will the effect on the boot time?

Geert Stappers

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