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no such script error

Doing install from Debian GNU/Linux testing "Lenny" - Official Snapshot i386 DVD Binary-1 20070416-02:07 the following error appear:
Apr 21 14:57:34 debootstrap: E: NOSCRIPT
Apr 21 14:57:34 debootstrap: EA: /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/lenny
Apr 21 14:57:34 debootstrap: EF: No such script: %s
Apr 21 14:57:46 base-installer: error: exiting on error base-installer/debootstr
Apr 21 14:57:49 main-menu[1232]: WARNING **: Configuring 'base-installer' failed
 with error code 1
Apr 21 14:57:49 main-menu[1232]: WARNING **: Menu item 'base-installer' failed.

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