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Proofreading the installation manual (English) - part 4

I completed the first six chapter.....here are my final notes:


  Consistency between "bootloader" and "boot loader"

./using-d-i/components.xml:After partitioning the installer asks a few more questions that will be

  Missing comma? "After partitioning, the installer..."

./using-d-i/modules/clock-setup.xml:In expert mode you will always be able to choose

  Missing comma? "In expert mode, you will always..."

./using-d-i/modules/pkgsel.xml:You should be aware that especially the Desktop task is very large.
./using-d-i/modules/pkgsel.xml-Especially when installing from a normal CD-ROM in combination with a

  Repetition of "especially". The first one seems useless.

./using-d-i/modules/os-prober.xml:even by subarchitecture. If it does not work you should consult your

  Missing comma? "If it does not work, you should consult...."

./using-d-i/modules/nobootloader.xml:provide one, or because none is desired (e.g. you will use existing
./using-d-i/modules/nobootloader.xml-boot loader). <phrase arch="m68k">This option is especially useful for

  Missing article: "e.g. you will use THE existing boot loader"

./using-d-i/modules/shell.xml:At this point you are booted from the RAM disk, and there is a limited

  Missing comma? "At this point, you are booted...."

  Actually, maybe better write something like "At this point, the
  system is booted", because the user is him/herself nbot really

./using-d-i/modules/shell.xml:In particular, you should always use let the installer activate your swap

  Two verbs is probably too much...:-) "In particular, you should
  always let..."

./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml:otherwise invoke the main installation menu and choose <guimenuitem>Load
./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml-installer components from CD</guimenuitem> and from the list of
./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml-additional components select <guimenuitem>network-console: Continue

  Missing commas? "and, from the list of....., select...."

./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml:artefacts like destroyed dialog borders or unreadable non-ascii

  "ASCII" is usually capitalized

./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml:or IP address of the computer being installed. Before the actual
./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml-login the fingerprint of the remote system will be displayed and

  Missing comma? "Before the actual login, the fingerprint..."

./using-d-i/modules/network-console.xml:to such host. The reason is that it will have different fingerprint, which

  Missing article: "The reason is that it will have A different fingerprint"

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