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Proofreading the installation manual (English) - part 2

I went down to 5.3 (troubleshooting the installer).

Below are thingies that I found. Really few things, indeed, that
manual is so well written.....

./install-methods/install-tftp.xml:Historically TFTP servers used <filename>/tftpboot</filename> as directory

   A comma could be useful here: "Historically, TFTP servers...."

/boot-installer/x86.xml-requested. Insert the root floppy and press &enterkey;, and the
./boot-installer/x86.xml:contents are loaded into memory. The installer program

   "the contents IS loaded", no?

./boot-installer/x86.xml:of TFTP boot. If so you may be able to configure your BIOS to boot from the

   "If so, you may...."

./boot-installer/parameters.xml:serial console installs. Generally only the
./boot-installer/parameters.xml-<userinput>newt</userinput> frontend is available on default install

    "Generally, only the...."

./boot-installer/parameters.xml:Specify the url to a preconfiguration file to download and use in

    "Specify the URL to a...." (consistent use of capitalize acronym)

./appendix/preseed.xml:In addition to specifying the url, you can also specify settings that

    ditto (and a few other occurrences in the same file)

./boot-installer/parameters.xml-Specify the path to a preconfiguration file to load to
./boot-installer/parameters.xml:automating the install. See <xref linkend="automatic-install"/>.

    "to automate the install" instead of "to automating"

./install-methods/boot-drive-files.xml:directory on Debian http/ftp mirrors and official Debian CDs. Use
./appendix/chroot-install.xml:of the http URL: <userinput>file:/cdrom/debian/</userinput>
./appendix/preseed.xml:if the URL is missing a protocol, http is assumed,
./boot-installer/parameters.xml:By default the installer will use the http protocol to download files from

    For consistency, using "HTTP" would be better. Ditto, probably for "FTP"

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