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Proofreading the installation manual (English) - part 1

Please find below my notes while proofreading the installation manual

In some cases, I have a doubt about correct use of English and there
are great chances that I'm wrong..:-)

./hardware/supported-peripherals.xml:at all. This precludes its being used for free software, since free

      "it being used"

/install-methods/tftp/dhcp.xml:# (access to the internet for instance)
./post-install/mail-setup.xml:<term>internet site</term>
./using-d-i/modules/choose-mirror.xml:  (either local or the internet).
./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml:over the internet.
./hardware/network-cards.xml:You will then have to look if there is source code available in the internet

      Capitalization of "internet" should be consistent. I would recommend
      using "Internet"

./preparing/install-overview.xml:Select installation language.

      Could be "Select THE installation language"

./preparing/install-overview.xml:complicated. Installation and trouble shooting of the X window

      Spelling "troubleshooting" should be consistent. "troubleshooting" in one
      word is used in ./welcome/doc-organization.xml

  "The document you are now reading, which is a development version of
  the Installation Guide for the next release of Debian; available in
  various formats and translations

  This is not a sentence.

./preparing/bios-setup/i386.xml:utility. Often, it is the <keycap>Delete</keycap> key. However,

       The "F2" key is also pretty common

./preparing/needed-info.xml:hardware for Linux is improving daily. However, Linux still does not

       Could be "hardware support in Linux"


       It is possible to run a graphical desktop environment on older
       or low-end systems, but in that case it is recommended to
       install a window manager that is less resource-hungry than
       those of the GNOME or KDE desktop environments; alternatives
       include xfce4, icewm and wmaker, but there are others to choose

       The brand new CFCE graphical environment could be mentioned here

./preparing/non-debian-partitioning.xml:If none of the above apply, you'll need to partition your hard disk before

       Not sure whether this should be "applies" or "apply"


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