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Proofreading the installation manual (English) - part 3

I went down to 6.3.3 (Setting up the system).


    We seem to lack consistent writing of "file system". There are numerous
    occurrences of "filesystem"

    We also seem to lack consistency about "mount point" which is
    sometimes written as "mountpoint"

./boot-installer/trouble.xml:There are two very simple things that you should try first.

    "There are two very simple things that you should try first:" as this
    is followed by an enumeration

./boot-installer/trouble.xml:console. Only the English
./boot-installer/trouble.xml-language will be available during the installation due to limited
    " Only the English language will be available" (when disabling the
    framebuffer). That's not true anymore. Should be "Only some
    supported languages will be available" as we indeed have all
    Latin-1 based languages.

./boot-installer/trouble.xml:fix it.  If you are submitting a bug report you may want to attach

    Possibly missig comma "If you are submitting a bug report, you..."

./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml:Shows a list of keyboards, from which the user chooses the model which
./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml-matches his own.

    "Shows a list of keyboards, from which the user chooses the model which matches his own."
    Non gender-neutral.

    I'm not sure about the best gender-neutral formulation. Something
    like "Shows a list of keyboards, from which the model matching your
    keyboard can be chosen"

./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml:Presents a list of Debian archive mirrors. The user may choose
./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml-the source of his installation packages.

    Non gender-neutral

    "The user may chooser the source for installed packages"?

./using-d-i/using-d-i.xml:start menu. This way the user could easily choose at the boot time

    Missing(?) comma: "This way, the user..."

./using-d-i/components.xml:In this section we will describe each installer component in

    Missing(?) comma: "In this section, we will...

./using-d-i/modules/netcfg.xml:a DHCP server in your local network at all.  For further explanation
./using-d-i/modules/netcfg.xml-check the error messages on the third console.  In any case, you will

    Missing(?) comma: "For further explanation, check..."

./using-d-i/modules/netcfg.xml:be asked if you want to retry, or if you want to perform manual
./using-d-i/modules/netcfg.xml-setup. DHCP servers are sometimes really slow in their responses, so

    I'm not sure whether an article is required before "manual setup":

    "if you want to perform A manual setup"

./using-d-i/modules/partman.xml:configuration menu. This is the same screen like when creating
./using-d-i/modules/partman.xml-a new partition, so you can change the same settings. One thing

     "This is the same screen like when creating..." sounds like....
     ...spoken French literally translated to English...:-). In short,
     I wouldn't be surprised if I had written it, which is usually not
     a very good sign of good English

     I would write "This screen is identical to the screen shown when

./using-d-i/modules/mdcfg.xml:RAID5 has similar setup procedure as RAID1 with the exception that you

     Missing article? "RAID5 has A similar setup procedure..."

./using-d-i/modules/mdcfg.xml-It is perfectly possible to have several types of MD at once. For
./using-d-i/modules/mdcfg.xml:example if you have three 200 GB hard drives dedicated to MD, each

     Missing comma? "For example, if you..."

./using-d-i/modules/mdcfg.xml:containing two 100 GB partitions, you can combine first partitions on

     Missing article? "you can combine THE first partitions..."

./using-d-i/modules/partman-lvm.xml:the partition table (if any) and after that the LVM configuration menu will

     Missing commas? "and, after that, the LVM...."

./using-d-i/modules/partman-crypto.xml:method. As always: when in doubt, use the defaults, because

     Colon instead of comma: "As always, when in doubt, ..."

./using-d-i/modules/partman-crypto.xml:Please see the the section on random keys above.
./using-d-i/modules/partman-crypto.xml:Please see the the section on erasing data above.

     Double "the"

./using-d-i/modules/partman-crypto.xml-other actions such as writing a new partition table.  For large
./using-d-i/modules/partman-crypto.xml:partitions this might take some time.

     Missing comma? "For large partitions, this might..."

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